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This fall photo has been an all-time best seller on cards, framed prints, and various-sized canvases. A picture, one of the dozens that day. You go home and look back on and realize, wow, that is so cool. It is one of those mystical, magical prints that makes one wonder. How do these mysterious and magical sunrise pictures appear?

Over the last two and a half years, I have seen all the colors and four seasons. I have been there every morning in my various attire. I have to visit earth, wind, and fire. There are days and moments when the sky is on fire with vibrant colors, and it is simply breathtaking. The stillness and serenity bring you back to the universe and creation reminders of bible verses, hymns, quotes from books, and my thoughts and ideas coming from my mind. Then there is the desert period, where you see but wonder what you believe. 

What came to me as I was writing this was Lyrics from Joni Mitchell, "I've looked at life from both sides now, From up and down and still somehow, It's life's illusion I recall, I really don't no life at all."

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Art Prize Entry - Lake Superior Sunrise E983BADD-F40B-4EB2-925A-2965D327C91CE983BADD-F40B-4EB2-925A-2965D327C91C

I will admit that I have had a rough three months. Recovering from a triple bypass heart surgery took everything out of me. About seven days ago, my mind was clear, and I felt like I had recovered. Just like that the surgery and recovery were behind me. I exercise through the hospital's Cardiac Rehab Program and can continue for 18 weeks to build back my strength and muscles. My immune system is compromised, and I will take precautions not to get sick. 

My venue for ArtPrize 2022, Harmony Hall, was willing to hang my canvas, Lake Superior Sunrise, so even though I didn't go there, I could participate online through the artist group on Facebook. Lots of pros and cons to people's experiences, venues, and overall feelings about participating. I am just happy that I could showcase my picture. 

Social media has given me support, encouragement, and strength. I am grateful that the Covid project, which started March 18, 2020, as a way to find beauty and share with my social media partners the beauty of Lake Superior, my access to the world during the pandemic. This gratitude, endeavor, giving hope through Covid to many people through my photographs, has been more successful than I could have imagined. Throughout my recovery I was able to focus on my goal of getting back to the lake in the moring to be inspired by fall and winter. 

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"Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light" Madeleine L'Engle 6295E336-5616-4CC1-A527-772343C5717E6295E336-5616-4CC1-A527-772343C5717E

March 13, 2020, was the date I had to acknowledge my age and accept that I was one of those people labeled vulnerable in a pandemic. It was shocking as age had never been a factor in my consulting work; if anything, it had fine-tuned my knowledge and skills!

I had already been taking pictures at dawn and sunrise, so it was a natural progression to commit to sharing something visually positive as lives drastically changed. I am sure most people were like me this would be for a few weeks or months, but now we are still learning how to deal with this new health threat two years later.

I have always sought spiritual connections. I loved talking about the world's possibilities beyond the world, and I went to daily Mass. Because of my strong faith, I could transition to doing my daily prayer and meditations at Lake Superior and gain the same sense of peace and serenity at sunrise. Sunrises are miraculous experiences, and not only have I learned to fine-tune my photography but also managed to gain insight into the power of the universe, my connection to the earth, my faith. The beauty, if only momentarily, means something more to me than just a beautiful picture. I often feel a soul or spiritual connection to the universe. In those few minutes in the morning, when I see some very stunning scenes, I connect with God through the silence, the waves, the wind, and the storms.   

Today, I have experienced eight seasons—found peace and solitude at the Lake called Superior and a way to share those moments with others through social media.


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Lake Superior Beauty 263E8E03-1EE4-4B7A-8AB5-2E83080A4564263E8E03-1EE4-4B7A-8AB5-2E83080A4564 During the pandemic, my goal has been to share some of the universe's solitary beauty and let others get a glimpse of something unique throughout this challenging time. Lake Superior is extraordinary in that it has a rugged feeling that allows a person to experience calm and serene water that reflects beauty and light and the next day wild waves that crash on its shore. Both experiences are exhilarating. Its horizon can be cloudy for days in the winter, and then one morning bursts into color and beauty that only lasts for minutes and, on occasion, an hour. It changes as the sun begins to rise, and it's exciting to be able to experience and share these experiences on social media.

A lot happens over the year, and sometimes our different seasons seem to last a lot longer than others. The most extended season appears to be a winter-type experience for those living in Michigan. Winter, this year, seems to come and go, and cold wintery weather has not been our usual experience. It has been wonderful to have clear roads and no snow in many parts of our State for people traveling. The Upper Peninsula, where I live, has not had the usual amount of snow and snow-covered roads that we come to expect at this time of year.

As we close out 2021 I am fortunate to go back through my year of pictures and see the beauty created by the universe and reflected in my photographs. Photography allows me to capture and share the beauty of Lake Superior with people around the world.

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gichi-gami, the great sea A812DE6A-A94A-4185-B79F-90964E6B703AA812DE6A-A94A-4185-B79F-90964E6B703A Winter has a way of either slowly showing up or hitting us with a massive storm where we are stuck in our houses, unable to go anywhere. This year is a plodding towards winter. Snow seems to fall upon us at night and then either melt away or stay for a few days on the ground. The ice on Lake Superior is slowly freezing and looking like glass. Will we see skaters on the bay before long? I have already seen two ice fishers actually on the ice.

The one thing about taking photographs in the morning is that the universe never lets one down. Every morning there are people, like me, who gather together on the shores of Lake Superior and gaze at the sky, anticipating when that first ray of light will appear. Whether it does or not doesn't matter. What matters is that we are there, excited at any glow of color in the sky or seeing the first sliver of the sun. Everyone smiles and greets each other. Shadow runs around chasing sticks and small dogs. Mostly he looks for his human friends who acknowledge him the same way every morning. Everyone feels happy at that moment. It's winter, cold, snow covers the ground, but there is still a patch of sand on the shore where we gather to let the universe capture each of our imaginations. Sometimes we talk about what we see; other times, we stand in awe of the beauty. The Ojibwe name for Lake Superior, gichi-gami, the "great sea," is the best description. However, Gitche Gumee, from the poem Hiawatha by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, is what is most are familiar with. For me, the dawn of every new day captures that moment in time on the big sea.


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Life Continues Differently 05B3967F-62C0-4F3B-BF06-8711AFC668D805B3967F-62C0-4F3B-BF06-8711AFC668D8 In Michigan's Upper Peninsula, summer is a little bit of heaven on earth. For a few weeks, we have had glorious weather. Tourists flock to our small towns from all over the country to experience a dip in Lake Superior, jumping off Black Rocks for a thrill of a lifetime and very accessible walks up mountains and our many beaches. Our past community leaders have preserved the shoreline for public use. Many of our nonprofits have worked with landowners to donate, purchase or commit to public access miles of wilderness areas for biking and hiking. It truly is a beautiful experience for people to come here and have a sense of peace and solitude.

For photography, not the brilliant colors we had last year. Many sunrises were more subtle, with many red suns showing up amidst the haze of morning. Still beautiful, inspirational, and peaceful, just different. I always explored the morning with Bella, my Maltese, who crossed over the rainbow in July. I felt the loss, an emptiness as I walked the beach alone. She was part of my photography business and so enjoyed her morning walks until she died. Her ashes are in the lake we call Superior. 

A quote by Professor Ichak Adizes: "our life after our physical death is one of feeling, not thinking, not one of physical existence but of consciousness, after our physical demise, we continue to be alive through those whom we loved or hated or through those who loved or hated us. We are what we do to others and how they feel about it. And that is what is left alive after we physically depart. Life continues differently." 
The four seasons teach us that life continues; the beauty and colors of fall, as phenomenal as they are in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, can quickly turn white and beautiful as the snow covers the land. For me, life continues differently but somewhat the same. After being lonely for three weeks, I reached out to my Maltese lover's network and found a male Maltese puppy, that in August, I acquired and named him Shadow. He has taken time to learn his job but has adapted well to his new role.  

Photography, Lake Superior mornings, and all I have experienced in over two years of going to the lake have been rewarding. People tell me they look forward to my pictures in the morning. It's a little more than taking pictures for me. C. Austin Mills, In the Garden, speaks for me and how I feel. "And he walks with me, and he talks with me, And he tells me I am His own, And the joy we share as we tarry there none has ever known." 

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Saved By Grace E24CC379-34C7-4D30-B981-2DDEC14095B7E24CC379-34C7-4D30-B981-2DDEC14095B7 Often in the mornings, when I walk on the beach at dawn, I do it prayerfully. Every morning I start by praying: "In the Name of the Father, in the Name of the Son, in the Name of the Spirit, the Three in One." Then I gaze out at the Universe and see beautiful skies. I learned a long time ago that anyone could walk the beach and see beautiful sights. But when you walk it prayerfully, you often sense the presence of God and get a glimpse of something unique and beautiful.

This month I listened to two audiobooks by Eric Metaxas, the first one titled “Martin Luther”, the other “Bonhoeffer”. Both main characters were coming into their religious fervor through prayer and devotion by reading and meditating on the Bible. Martin Luther lived in fear of execution, which never happened and Bonhoeffer was executed two weeks before the end of the war for his crime of plotting to kill Adolph Hitler and end the evil of Nazi Germany. Eric Metaxas, an excellent researcher, writer, and storyteller is an author I highly recommend. Both books taught me that you can't just walk the walk - you must walk it prayerfully and you can't just read the Bible - you must do it prayerfully, believing that God is speaking to you through his Word.

In Upper Michigan, the weather teases us with a few warm days in April, lots of cold and freezing temperatures in May. All of a sudden, when we get into June summer comes and stays for a while. It's nice to see more people walking the trails, riding their bikes, visiting with friends in outside cafes, and braving the freezing waters of Lake Superior. I have found that the most profound pictures are taken at dawn and it is during this time of solitude where you experience a sense of awe and wonder as the morning is quiet with only the waves gently lapping at the shore, and the choir of birds are joyfully singing. It is at thee moments I feel blessed to have found what it means to be saved by grace.

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Imagination, Creativity and Photography 06421C92-8972-40C1-9B99-16036C2CD02F06421C92-8972-40C1-9B99-16036C2CD02F I was happy in January when I was able to get my first vaccine and three weeks later to be fully vaccinated. Has it changed my life? Yes, it has; it gave me peace of mind that has allowed me to see my family for a weekend, have a few vaccinated friends over, and be comfortable living in a community that wears masks and follows the protocols. Learning how to use technology and work virtually has allowed me to still work with clients, and it can be as effective as face-to-face meetings. 

I love to learn. I take classes on various online platforms, and my current go-to is I learned another way of thinking about creativity, memories, and creating fiction with author Amy Tan. Her virtual modules and unique training style resonated with me. She gave me a new perspective on how writing and reality coincide with memories triggered by our thoughts and actions. One can use this knowledge and learning to write stories and books.

Currently, I am taking Science Fiction writer M.K. Jemisin class which has introduced me to very different concepts called world-building. Science fiction creates another world that can have an infrastructure, a physical world, and inhabitants.

Where does photography fit into our creativity and imagination? The result is a photograph that the photographer believes captures the perfect picture of a setting, time, and place. What the picture doesn't show is the process that taps into the photographer's mind. How do I see the clouds, the rays seeping through those clouds, the sun rising, the colors and changes that change by the minute? What does my mind see that the photograph can't express? I like the concept of world-building because it is what I have been doing. I take a picture that I believe is a perfect moment.  I cannot show in that photograph my mind and imagination of what I am seeing that gives me a sense of peace and joy. The natural gift of photography has allowed me to learn to be creative and imagine life in a way that my world never experienced before.


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Winter Solstice  

30A80929-71ED-451B-83E2-01BBE48E847A30A80929-71ED-451B-83E2-01BBE48E847A  On Tuesday we experienced the Winter Solstice which is the shortest day of the year and the arrival of winter. My ancestors are from Finland and my recent DNA test confirmed that 90% of my genetics come from Finland. I grew up in a small town in Upper Michigan, a Finnish community where people often spoke Finnish. While I don't speak Finnish, I enjoyed listening to my mother and her friends revert to speaking Finnish when they didn't want me to know what they were talking about. My grandmother Mary never learned English and my mother, Vienna learned English when she went to school. When I was young, I asked my mother why she didn't teach me Finnish and she said I was an American.

In ancient times, Finland celebrated the Winter Solstice with countless different tribes across the northern hemisphere. People's lives were connected to the land and the change of seasons. Winter Solstice was an important event as it's when the sun is as far from the earth as possible and thus, this day meant that each day forward the fun would get closer to the planet. The Finns celebrate Winter Solstice with festivals, family feasting, singing and dancing around the fire. When I visited Finland a few years ago, I felt very much at home listening to the language, drinking strong coffee, and every house having a sauna. Growing up, my family heated the sauna every Wednesday and Saturday. A tradition that the Finns brought to the Upper Peninsula.

As we move toward Christmas, I wanted to take this opportunity to say Thank You for your support of my business and I wish you and your family a healthy Christmas and New Year.

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Forsbergs...A New Leaf Last minute Christmas gifts can be picked up at Forsberg...A New Leaf located in Marquette MI at 201 Front Street on the corner of Front and Main. Forsberg...A New Leaf is an established floral design store which creates beautiful designs for all occasions and now showcases my art in various mediums. I am fortunate to have my work prominently displayed in their store thus providing a physical location for people who want to see what my photography looks like in different mediums and purchase a last minute gift.

Carole J. Pence Photography is pleased with this new partnership and I am always happy to received your thoughts and suggestions. You can still contact me directly at 906-228-2972 to discuss what you are looking for now or in the future. May the blessings of the season be with you through this 2020 Holiday Season. D35992AE-EE9F-4E0C-9736-89416AC57BD1D35992AE-EE9F-4E0C-9736-89416AC57BD1

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Shop Today for Christmas The holiday season is upon us and finding the perfect gift is on everyone's mind. The U.S. Postal Service is anticipating record high shipping this season so do not delay! If you are considering a special and unique gift from Carole J Pence Photography, lets talk. I have been working the phone with many customers interested in finding the perfect picture. My website showcases just some of the many photographs I have taken. Customers often contact me looking for a specific image and when I review my photographs, I can find what they have in mind. Browse through my numbered photographs and if you have questions, write down the number of the photograph and contract me via email at or call me at 906-228-2972. The numbers on the print show up when you scroll with your cursor or click on the print on your phone. While my website lists specific sizes, I can customize any size you need and give you a price on print, canvas or metal or for a one time fee you can purchase an electronic image. Don't forget to stop in at Forsbergs...A New Leaf and see my pictures on display. I look forward to helping you with your holiday shopping.

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Fabulous Fall In Marquette. the seasons change quickly before our eyes. Seeing a few snowflakes in October, we know what is soon to come.  have taken photographs every day for two years and with winter right around the corner, I decided to purchase a few necessities for my winter wardrobe. I bought a pair of black, waterproof walking shoes, a pair of Thinsulate gloves and glare-resistant sunglasses. Now I a set to capture the beautiful colors brought in with the colder weather before sunrise. The peaceful moments brought in with the cold help to connect my mind, body, and spirit to Lake Superior, the Universe, and the omnipresence of God.

There is beauty surrounding us everyday. Having social media and friends to share my little bit of the world is a blessing in my life. I live with my 13 year old Maltese, Bella. Bella doesn't hear very well but, her visual sense and stamina keep up. Enjoy the outdoors and the sights, sounds, and experiences that are free for both you and me. 92ED1A40-DA6C-4AD9-860A-E002B98CC7E692ED1A40-DA6C-4AD9-860A-E002B98CC7E6

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Forsbergs...A New Leaf It's not every day that a local business approaches you and says that they love your photography and would you be willing to let them create a display in their store. Last week I was approached by the owner of Forsberg...A New Leaf and asked if I would add my photography to their new fall collection. Located in Marquette MI at 201 Front Street on the corner of Front and Main, an established floral, gift and design store will now showcase my framed prints, canvas, and woodblock prints. Prominently displayed on the front walls of their store this will add a physical location for people who want to see what my photography looks like in different mediums.

The seasonal change just seemed to be the right time for a new opportunity and partnership. Carole J. Pence Photography is excited about this unique opportunity. My photographs will be on display on October 5th through the holidays. D35992AE-EE9F-4E0C-9736-89416AC57BD1D35992AE-EE9F-4E0C-9736-89416AC57BD1

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Shapes and Time McCarty's Cove on Lake Superior can be traced back to the last glacial retreat making it only 10,000 years old. There have been thousands of people who have sat waiting for the sun to rise on Lake Superior. A person can believe anything they want as they gaze into the sky anticipating the sun rise.

One morning I saw light shapes floating and dancing on the waves. This begged the question of whether or not souls really do transcend a portal in time and dance in the shimmering light reflected on the water.

In my attempt to be grateful I take photographs designed by a Universe much more creative than I could have even imagined. 37D08E76-B9B6-4F7B-8F11-CA083CD33A2C37D08E76-B9B6-4F7B-8F11-CA083CD33A2C

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Welcome To My Website Welcome! I am excited to invite you to the launch of my website, In March of 2020, we were all faced with a new life where we had to quarantine. I decided to start taking early morning walks with my dog, Bella, along the shore of Lake Superior in Marquette, Michigan. As I took my walks seeking peace, I saw such beauty and artistic display upon the shore that I had to capture it in photographs. I began posting my photographs on social media and here I am today – starting a new business! My social media posts led to friends and followers asking if they could purchase my photos so, I have created this website. I appreciate my friends and social media followers who have supported me in this life changing endeavor. I give a special thank you to Patty Peterson, a professional photographer whose creative talent and graphic design made this website a reality.



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