Shapes and Time

September 14, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

McCarty's Cove on Lake Superior can be traced back to the last glacial retreat making it only 10,000 years old. There have been thousands of people who have sat waiting for the sun to rise on Lake Superior. A person can believe anything they want as they gaze into the sky anticipating the sun rise.

One morning I saw light shapes floating and dancing on the waves. This begged the question of whether or not souls really do transcend a portal in time and dance in the shimmering light reflected on the water.

In my attempt to be grateful I take photographs designed by a Universe much more creative than I could have even imagined. 37D08E76-B9B6-4F7B-8F11-CA083CD33A2C37D08E76-B9B6-4F7B-8F11-CA083CD33A2C


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