What Happens When We Die

July 22, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

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The topic of what happens after death has been discussed for centuries, and it's still a mystery. All religions have their views, but the truth remains elusive. Personally, my beliefs on death were shaped by my childhood experiences of growing up in a small town, raised by a single mom, after my father passed away when I was three years old. Death was a part of life, and it was expected. I don't remember it being terrible; it was just something that happened to everyone.

As I grew older and found my faith, I began to wrestle with the idea of what happens after death. Although I've had many thoughts and theories, I believe that the soul dies with the person, and their human life is over. However, I also believe that the spirit lives on, and there's something beyond our physical existence.

During Covid, while taking photographs, I felt a connection to the Universe and our natural surroundings. At dawn and sunrise, I felt closest to the celestial bodies or the spiritual, invisible heaven, which provided me with heavenly, divine, spiritual peace. The beauty of the Universe and the lake seemed to conjure up those we think about and pray for, and sometimes, you can feel the spirits surrounding you with celestial peace and love.

The Universe provides an opportunity to seek solitude and peace. When someone close to you dies or has died, and you miss them terribly, it's a place you can go to and sit in the spiritual, invisible heaven and be with their spirit. Although they are beyond your grasp, you can walk and talk together and find peace.

In conclusion, the topic of what happens after death remains a mystery. Despite the many theories and beliefs, we can find solace in the beauty of the Universe and the spiritual, invisible heaven, where we can connect with the spirits of those we have lost and find peace.



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