Life's Illusions

October 26, 2022  •  Leave a Comment


This fall photo has been an all-time best seller on cards, framed prints, and various-sized canvases. A picture, one of the dozens that day. You go home and look back on and realize, wow, that is so cool. It is one of those mystical, magical prints that makes one wonder. How do these mysterious and magical sunrise pictures appear?

Over the last two and a half years, I have seen all the colors and four seasons. I have been there every morning in my various attire. I have to visit earth, wind, and fire. There are days and moments when the sky is on fire with vibrant colors, and it is simply breathtaking. The stillness and serenity bring you back to the universe and creation reminders of bible verses, hymns, quotes from books, and my thoughts and ideas coming from my mind. Then there is the desert period, where you see but wonder what you believe. 

What came to me as I was writing this was Lyrics from Joni Mitchell, "I've looked at life from both sides now, From up and down and still somehow, It's life's illusion I recall, I really don't no life at all."


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