Art Prize Entry - Lake Superior Sunrise

October 07, 2022  •  1 Comment


I will admit that I have had a rough three months. Recovering from a triple bypass heart surgery took everything out of me. About seven days ago, my mind was clear, and I felt like I had recovered. Just like that the surgery and recovery were behind me. I exercise through the hospital's Cardiac Rehab Program and can continue for 18 weeks to build back my strength and muscles. My immune system is compromised, and I will take precautions not to get sick. 

My venue for ArtPrize 2022, Harmony Hall, was willing to hang my canvas, Lake Superior Sunrise, so even though I didn't go there, I could participate online through the artist group on Facebook. Lots of pros and cons to people's experiences, venues, and overall feelings about participating. I am just happy that I could showcase my picture. 

Social media has given me support, encouragement, and strength. I am grateful that the Covid project, which started March 18, 2020, as a way to find beauty and share with my social media partners the beauty of Lake Superior, my access to the world during the pandemic. This gratitude, endeavor, giving hope through Covid to many people through my photographs, has been more successful than I could have imagined. Throughout my recovery I was able to focus on my goal of getting back to the lake in the moring to be inspired by fall and winter. 


Stacie Hillier(non-registered)
Carole, this project, while therapeutic for you has also had an incredible impact on so many others
facing challenges or living away from the beautiful place we once called home. I am most appreciative and grateful for your work and for reminding me each day of Gods gifts …and how blessed I am to call the UP “home” with its exquisite and rugged beauty.
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