"Maybe you have to know the darkness before you can appreciate the light" Madeleine L'Engle

March 24, 2022  •  Leave a Comment


March 13, 2020, was the date I had to acknowledge my age and accept that I was one of those people labeled vulnerable in a pandemic. It was shocking as age had never been a factor in my consulting work; if anything, it had fine-tuned my knowledge and skills!

I had already been taking pictures at dawn and sunrise, so it was a natural progression to commit to sharing something visually positive as lives drastically changed. I am sure most people were like me this would be for a few weeks or months, but now we are still learning how to deal with this new health threat two years later.

I have always sought spiritual connections. I loved talking about the world's possibilities beyond the world, and I went to daily Mass. Because of my strong faith, I could transition to doing my daily prayer and meditations at Lake Superior and gain the same sense of peace and serenity at sunrise. Sunrises are miraculous experiences, and not only have I learned to fine-tune my photography but also managed to gain insight into the power of the universe, my connection to the earth, my faith. The beauty, if only momentarily, means something more to me than just a beautiful picture. I often feel a soul or spiritual connection to the universe. In those few minutes in the morning, when I see some very stunning scenes, I connect with God through the silence, the waves, the wind, and the storms.   

Today, I have experienced eight seasons—found peace and solitude at the Lake called Superior and a way to share those moments with others through social media.



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